Legal & Compliance Officer

Physical location of position: Olivedale, Johannesburg
Position of reporting manager: Finance

Company Culture Our culture is a defining characteristic of who we are. It is in our DNA and determines how we engage with each other and our Clients. It guides, motivates and inspires us and facilitates in creating a fun, happy and rewarding work environment. It is thus extremely important that everyone fully understands, embodies and lives by our values. These values are detailed in our Mantras.

Purpose of the Job: 

We are looking for a proactive and knowledgeable Legal and Compliance Officer to navigate the intricate legal and regulatory frameworks of our operational territories, including South Africa, the rest of Africa, the UK, and the US.

Your role will be fundamental in providing expert legal advice, managing contracts, crafting and reviewing legal documents, overseeing corporate governance, ensuring compliance with international laws and regulations, and developing policies and procedures to mitigate legal risks. Furthermore, you’ll lead the charge in developing our compliance training programmes, enhancing our organisational standards and understanding of legal requirements. Through your expertise, you will not only safeguard our company against legal and regulatory challenges but also support our strategic initiatives, fostering a culture of integrity and compliance throughout the company.

Salary & Benefits Market-related TCTC per month – Based on skill and qualification of candidate

• Financial Benefits: Funeral, Death and Disability Policy (Group Life Policy)

• Other Benefits:

o 15 Days annual leave per annum

o Some leave days may be “gifted” from the Company to you during our annual shut-down over the December – January period

o Company social committee managed by the staff to decide how we do social events and team building – driving our really amazing Company culture

o Flexible weekly working hours

o Super close-knit professional team that looks after each other!

We are big supporters of individual growth and learning and this is something we incorporate into the business constantly. We have budgets to help with studies, Personal Development Plans (PDPs) to ensure mentorship and coaching, as well as processes to expose you to new technologies.


Job responsibilities


This applies to the South African, rest of Africa, UK, and US marketplace:
Legal and Contracting
• Stay abreast of changes in laws, regulations, and industry standards applicable to the company's operations.
• Effectively draft, interpret, review, adapt, and vet legal documents, agreements, contracts, templates, and corporate documentation.
• Ensure contracts are in compliance with company policies and legal requirements.
• Oversee contract administration, renewals, and terminations.
• Participate in negotiations with relevant stakeholders (i.e. clients, suppliers, etc.)
• Provide legal advice, analysis and/or opinions on all legal matters, including board meetings and shareholder communications
• Assist in the preparation and filing of corporate documentation.
• Identify any legal issues and impact that may arise from the changing regulatory landscape and develop proactive measures to mitigate them.
• Update existing legal policies on an annual basis and provide to for approval and sign off.
• Formulate, implement, and maintain a risk-based compliance plan on an annual basis.
• Prepare reports on legal and compliance matters when called upon to do so.
• Develop and deliver training programs to educate employees on legal and compliance matters. This includes conducting workshops, seminars, and online training sessions to ensure that all employees understand their obligations and responsibilities under applicable laws and regulations.

• Serve as the primary point of contact for regulatory authorities.
• Establish and maintain productive relationships with regulators to facilitate communication and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
• Prepare and submit regulatory filings and reports in a timely and accurate manner.
• Interpret and apply regulatory requirements to the company's operations, products, and services. Provide guidance to management and other stakeholders on compliance obligations and potential regulatory risks.
• Monitor regulatory developments and assess their impact on the company's compliance obligations. Communicate changes in regulations to relevant stakeholders and coordinate efforts to address new compliance requirements.
• Prepare reports on legal and compliance matters when called upon to do so.
• Assist with compliance audits, including completing all necessary documentation for the audit and for submission in a timely manner.
• Develop, review, and update company policies and procedures to ensure compliance with relevant legal and regulatory requirements. This involves collaborating with stakeholders across different departments to align policies with business objectives while mitigating legal risks.
• Conduct regular compliance audits and assessments to evaluate the effectiveness of existing compliance programs. Identify areas of non-compliance or potential risk and recommend corrective actions to management.
• Analyse, document and communicate the impact of privacy laws, regulations and updates on the business and operations to internal stakeholders, including developing, updating and/or revising privacy policies and related procedures as necessary and appropriate.
• Support various risk and compliance assessments by identifying existing and emerging risks and support the development of practical business processes to minimise such risks, as well maintaining the relevant compliance folders for submission to the relevant stakeholders.

Company Secretarial Duties:
• Manage corporate governance processes to ensure compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and best practices.
• Organise and facilitate board meetings, shareholder meetings, and committee meetings, and prepare meeting agendas, minutes, and resolutions.
• Maintain accurate and up-to-date corporate records, including corporate books, registers, and minute books.
• Ensure that corporate records are stored securely and are easily accessible for audit and review purposes.
• Prepare and file statutory returns and other compliance documents with regulatory authorities. This includes annual returns, statutory declarations, and notifications of changes in corporate structure or ownership.
• Monitor compliance with corporate governance policies and procedures, including adherence to board-approved governance principles and guidelines. Identify areas for improvement and implement enhancements to strengthen corporate governance practices.

Experience & knowledge required

• Excellent research skills
• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
• Strong focus on execution and how legal activities impact on business outcomes
• Ability to prioritise and coordinate multiple and competing work demands
• Meticulous, impeccable level of attention to detail
• Ability to work effectively under pressure and to tight deadlines
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills (able to communicate concisely and clearly)
• High level of integrity, trustworthiness, and loyalty
• Business acumen

Minimum qualification The following qualifications will be considered (in order of preference)

• +3 years’ experience post articles
• In-depth knowledge of South African, African, UK, and US laws and regulations.
• Proven experience working in a legal and compliance role, preferably in a multinational corporation (essential)
• Commercial law experience (essential)
• Prior experience in a Tech/SaaS company (essential)
• Information technology experience (advantageous)
• Experience in ISO Auditing (beneficial)
• High proficiency in MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint
• Bachelor’s degree in law or LLB, LLM or similar

To apply, please add your CV and qualifications in the email. 


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